Tuesday May 5 2015

New EC project on monitoring

A new EC project on monitoring has been approved!

A new project on monitoring called Development & Demonstration of monitoring strategies and technologies for geological disposal - Modern2020 was submitted under the umbrella of the Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform (IGD-TP) and in the framework of the H2020 Euratom Call (2014-2015). Modern2020 was favourably evaluated by the European Commission. The project starts in June 2015.

Based on the outcomes of the EU-FP7 project MoDeRn, the overall objective of Modern2020 is to provide the means for developing and implementing an effective and efficient repository operational monitoring programme, taking into account the requirements of specific national programmes. Modern2020 focuses on monitoring of the near-field during repository operations. The work addresses the following issues: i) Strategy: develop a detailed methodology for screening safety cases to identify needs-driven monitoring strategies and to develop approaches for responding to monitoring information; ii) Technology: resolve outstanding technical issues in repository monitoring, including gaps in research in monitoring technologies (coupling of different wireless data transmission technologies, research into power supply, geophysics, reliability and qualification of components; iii) Demonstration and Practical Implementation: enhance the knowledge on the operational implementation and demonstrate the performance of state-of-the-art and innovative techniques by running full-scale and in-situ experimentations; iv) Societal concerns and Stakeholder Involvement: Develop and evaluate ways for integrating public stakeholders concerns and societal expectations into national repository monitoring programmes.

Further information can be found on (to be launched in September 2015) and

Monday January 13 2014

New project reports

Several new issued public project reports became available on the website. Visit the concerned web page for an overview.

Wednesday April 3 2013

MoDeRn International Conference and Workshop completed

The MoDeRn International Conference and Workshop was held at the EC conference centre in Luxembourg, on 19-21 March 2013. Around 135 participants attended the conference plenary sessions and the workshops.

Detailed information about the MoDeRn International Conference and Workshop is available on the conference website.

Monday January 14 2013

Report on Seismic Tomography at Grimsel

Deliverable D3.2.1 summarises a programme to develop non-intrusive monitoring of disposal cell mock-ups employing seismic waveform tomography. It is one of a group of 5 research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programmes at underground research laboratories (URLs) within the MoDeRn Project, aimed at advancing the state-of-the-art of disposal facility monitoring. The report concludes that this technique is a promising option for non-intrusive monitoring of radioactive waste repositories. It notes that there are some remaining challenges in applying this technique. The report is supported by two PhD studies (Manukyan 2011 & Marelli, 2012) which are also available on this website.

Wednesday January 9 2013

Final Internal Project Workshop

The final (9th) internal project workshop will be held in London on the 21st to 22nd May 2013.

Thursday November 15 2012

Registration opens for MoDeRn International Conference and Workshop

The (on-line) registration is open for the MoDeRn international conference and workshop, which will be held on 19-21 March 2013 in Luxembourg.

Thursday November 1 2012

Report Basis for Stakeholder Communication

The purpose of this report (Deliverable D.1.3.1) is to provide a basis for stakeholder engagement activities in relation to the monitoring of facilities for the geological disposal of radioactive waste. The report views monitoring as a combined socio-technical activity central to the pursuit of safe repository operation and staged closure. It sees monitoring for long-term safety as a field driven as much by social and institutional innovation as by technical innovation. The report is organised into three main sections which discuss in turn: expert views on monitoring, drawing on interview and documentary data; the role of monitoring in building stakeholder confidence, drawing on experience in other contexts; and monitoring as a socio-technical activity, focusing on the basis for social trust.

Wednesday July 11 2012

Next Internal Project Workshop

The 8th internal project workshop will be held from 11 to 12 December 2012 in Mont Terri, Switzerland

Monday February 13 2012

MoDeRn International conference and workshop, Luxembourg, 19-21 March 2013

The MoDeRn Project is pleased to announce the international conference and workshop Monitoring in Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: "Objectives, strategies, technologies and public involvement". The objective of the conference is twofold:

  • to present and discuss the results of the MoDeRn Project;
  • to invite further contributions and provide a forum for discussion on how monitoring informs the disposal process, responds to regulatory requirements, and contributes to enhancing confidence in and acceptance of geological disposal of radioactive waste.

An associated workshop will provide an opportunity for further, in-depth discussions on the conference topics and to investigate whether a shared understanding of repository monitoring can be developed. The conference is organised by the MoDeRn EURATOM Project and the European Commission, with special support from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

Detailed information concerning programme, registration, instructions for abstract/paper submission, transport and accommodation will be available through the conference website:

Friday January 13 2012

Next Internal Project Workshop

The 7th internal project workshop will be held from 29 May to 1 June 2012 in Turku, Finland.

Friday October 14 2011

Report on Focused Expert Stakeholders Workshop

As part of MoDeRn Work Package 5 (Dissemination of Results), a workshop involving expert stakeholders (the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop) was held in Oxford, United Kingdom, on 4-5 May 2011. The workshop brought together thirty-one representatives from a range of stakeholder organisations, bodies, agencies and groups with expertise and experience in geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The objective of the workshop was to inform the expert stakeholders of the work being undertaken in the MoDeRn Project and to obtain feedback on the scope of the work. Discussion focused on two themes of the MoDeRn Project: monitoring processes and monitoring technologies. Valuable feedback was gained from the discussion, both on the MoDeRn Project scope and direction, and on setting the context for monitoring. This feedback will be used to help guide the future direction of the MoDeRn Project.

This document (Deliverable D5.3.1) provides a record of discussion at the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop.

Friday October 7 2011

Next Internal Project Workshop

The 6th internal project workshop will be held from 15 to 16 November 2011 in Amsterdam.

Wednesday June 1 2011

Next Internal Project Workshop

The 5th internal project workshop will be held from 7 to 8 June 2011 in Prague.

Monday May 16 2011

Oxford Workshop Completed

The MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop was held at the Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel, United Kingdom on 4-5 May 2011. Thirty-one participants attended the meeting, including representatives form regulatory organisations, advisory bodies and a public stakeholder group. The workshop proceedings will be available on this website ASAP.

Friday April 8 2011

4-5 May 2011 - International Workshop for Expert Stakeholders

An International Workshop for Expert Stakeholders on Geological Repository Monitoring on the 4 and 5 May 2011 in Oxford, UK will be hosted by the NDA (UK), and is one of three key outreach events of the MoDeRn project. During this workshop (see brief) we aim to present to our expert stakeholders the programme content; where we are now; and some of our thoughts and developments with a view to seeking discussion, feedback, challenge and advice to aid the direction we take in completing this work programme.  After presenting work done so far in defining an approach to developing repository monitoring programmes as well as progress on associated technological aspects of monitoring, the workshop aims at engaging and facilitating expert stakeholders’ discussions on these two overarching issues to incorporate workshop results and feedback into the remainder of the programme. The output from the workshop will be produced as a report of the workshop proceedings.  We would also value any further feedback and comment after the event and we plan to provide attendees with the means for providing such feedback.

Friday March 18 2011

National Monitoring Contexts

The National Monitoring Contexts - Summary Report and its companion document National Monitoring Contexts – Country Annexes on work conducted under project Task 1.1 are published on 18.03.2011. The objectives are: 

  • To provide each project partner with the opportunity to present background information on the national context likely to influence repository system monitoring.
  • To structure specific elements of national monitoring contexts in a set of societal and physical boundary conditions which may influence some of the upstream decisions for geologic repository monitoring.
  • To develop an overview of these boundary conditions.
  • To discuss how these boundary conditions may influence specific, national decisions on development and implementation of monitoring programmes.
  • To provide a basis for a shared view on the development and implementation of a monitoring programme, including the required flexibility for its application in various national monitoring contexts.
Monday January 3 2011

Technical Requirements Report

The aim of this report (Deliverable D.2.1.1) is to determine the technical requirements, besides the aspects related to occupational health, for the development of a monitoring programme for a repository during the operational phase and the early post-closure phase to give a general overview on what, where and when to measure within the different national programmes.

Wednesday December 8 2010

Expert Stakeholders Workshop

An Expert Stakeholders Workshop will be held in Oxford, UK, on 4 and 5 May 2011. More information will follow in due course.

Monday November 22 2010

Results of Workshop on Monitoring Technologies

A workshop on monitoring technologies (the Troyes Monitoring Technologies Workshop) was held as part of Work Package 2 at the Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), France on 7-8 June 2010.  This document provides a record of the workshop. The Troyes Monitoring Technologies Workshop brought together 55 experts from a range of organisations, including industry, radioactive waste management organisations and research institutes. The presentations, posters and discussions at the workshop covered monitoring technologies relevant to radioactive waste repositories, focusing on recent developments in monitoring techniques potentially applicable to repository monitoring.

Wednesday October 27 2010

Site Plans and Monitoring Programmes Report

Work Package 3 consists of in-situ demonstration of innovative monitoring technologies, conducted to further enhance our understanding, experience and capabilities in monitoring for geological disposal. The aim of this package is to develop innovative monitoring techniques (Ref: Work Package 2) in mock-ups of disposal cells to test both the effectiveness of these techniques applied to disposal situations and to understand the limits of these monitoring technologies. This Work Package 3 focuses on the application of remote monitoring technologies to better understand what is occurring in an isolated disposal cell and also to look at solutions for embedded monitoring systems in challenging (risk of damage) situations. This approach will also hopefully enhance the confidence of key stakeholders in the ability to understand/confirm the changes occurring within a disposal cell. This report (Deliverable D.3.1.1) provides detailed site plans at all proposed demonstrators and identifies equipment requirements for in-situ monitoring demonstration experiments using innovative techniques. This report sets out the detailed programme of the proposed approach at all sites. This includes a definition of the locations for demonstration, the systems and outline configurations of the monitoring schemes complete with a more detailed programme.


Friday June 18 2010

Next Internal Project Workshop

The 4th internal project workshop will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2010 in Peine, Germany.

Wednesday June 16 2010

Troyes Workshop Completed

A RTD workshop on Monitoring Technologies was held at the Université technologique of Troyes (France) on the 7-9 June 2010. 55 Participants from a range of research and industrial disciplines met to discuss potential applications to monitor geological repositories for radioactive waste. The workshop proceedings will be available on this website by the end of October.

Thursday February 25 2010

Workshop on Monitoring Technologies, 7-9 June in Troyes, France

A RTD workshop on Monitoring Technologies will be held on 7-9 June 2010 at the Université de technologie de Troyes, France, which includes an optional visit to Andra’s Underground Research Laboratory at Bure. See the workshop flyer for more information on scope, goals and dates. If you would like to present a poster at the workshop, please see the RTD Workshop registration and attendance details and Reply form for details of how to submit an abstract and register.

Monday January 18 2010

RTD & Project Internal Workshop

A RTD workshop will be held in June 2010. In combination with this RTD workshop the 3rd project workshop will be organised. More information will follow in due course.