Wednesday October 27 2010, 09:27

Site Plans and Monitoring Programmes Report

Work Package 3 consists of in-situ demonstration of innovative monitoring technologies, conducted to further enhance our understanding, experience and capabilities in monitoring for geological disposal. The aim of this package is to develop innovative monitoring techniques (Ref: Work Package 2) in mock-ups of disposal cells to test both the effectiveness of these techniques applied to disposal situations and to understand the limits of these monitoring technologies. This Work Package 3 focuses on the application of remote monitoring technologies to better understand what is occurring in an isolated disposal cell and also to look at solutions for embedded monitoring systems in challenging (risk of damage) situations. This approach will also hopefully enhance the confidence of key stakeholders in the ability to understand/confirm the changes occurring within a disposal cell. This report (Deliverable D.3.1.1) provides detailed site plans at all proposed demonstrators and identifies equipment requirements for in-situ monitoring demonstration experiments using innovative techniques. This report sets out the detailed programme of the proposed approach at all sites. This includes a definition of the locations for demonstration, the systems and outline configurations of the monitoring schemes complete with a more detailed programme.