Friday April 8 2011, 10:22

4-5 May 2011 - International Workshop for Expert Stakeholders

An International Workshop for Expert Stakeholders on Geological Repository Monitoring on the 4 and 5 May 2011 in Oxford, UK will be hosted by the NDA (UK), and is one of three key outreach events of the MoDeRn project. During this workshop (see brief) we aim to present to our expert stakeholders the programme content; where we are now; and some of our thoughts and developments with a view to seeking discussion, feedback, challenge and advice to aid the direction we take in completing this work programme.  After presenting work done so far in defining an approach to developing repository monitoring programmes as well as progress on associated technological aspects of monitoring, the workshop aims at engaging and facilitating expert stakeholders’ discussions on these two overarching issues to incorporate workshop results and feedback into the remainder of the programme. The output from the workshop will be produced as a report of the workshop proceedings.  We would also value any further feedback and comment after the event and we plan to provide attendees with the means for providing such feedback.