Friday October 14 2011, 16:33

Report on Focused Expert Stakeholders Workshop

As part of MoDeRn Work Package 5 (Dissemination of Results), a workshop involving expert stakeholders (the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop) was held in Oxford, United Kingdom, on 4-5 May 2011. The workshop brought together thirty-one representatives from a range of stakeholder organisations, bodies, agencies and groups with expertise and experience in geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The objective of the workshop was to inform the expert stakeholders of the work being undertaken in the MoDeRn Project and to obtain feedback on the scope of the work. Discussion focused on two themes of the MoDeRn Project: monitoring processes and monitoring technologies. Valuable feedback was gained from the discussion, both on the MoDeRn Project scope and direction, and on setting the context for monitoring. This feedback will be used to help guide the future direction of the MoDeRn Project.

This document (Deliverable D5.3.1) provides a record of discussion at the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop.