Andra (The French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency) was established as a public body in charge of the long-term management of all radioactive waste by the December 1991 Waste Act, and was placed under the supervision of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea and the French Ministry of Research. Its 3 basic missions were extended and their funding secured through the 2006 Planning Act:

  • a R&D mission to develop safe long-term solutions for radioactive waste not suitable for the existing low and very low level waste disposal facilities;
  • an industrial mission including radioactive waste acceptance criteria and control, as well as siting, construction, operation, closure and monitoring of repositories;
  • an information mission, notably through the regular publication of the National Inventory of radioactive materials and waste. This mission includes as well an active policy of dialogue with stakeholders both at national and local level (for instance through the activities of the various local information and oversight committees established for every INB or the underground research laboratory).

International cooperation is an important element contributing to Andra's own developments of solutions for radioactive waste management. For example, Andra is an active partner in several projects managed under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, such as Forge, Carbowaste, and ReCosy. Andra is also the coordinator of the MoDeRn project.

Key roles in consortium: Coordinator and WP1, WP5, and WP6 Leader, participation in all other work packages.

Key participant: Nicolas Solente