ETH Zurich

The Applied and Environmental Geophysics Group (AUG) at ETH Zurich was formed in 1992 and is concerned with the development, improvement and application of various geophysical techniques (e.g. 2D and 3D high-resolution seismic, 2D and 3D georadar, 2D and 3D geoelectric, self-potential, electromagnetic and nuclear magnetic resonance methods). Theoretical research aimed at improving our understanding of various physical processes in the shallow subsurface is also carried out. A unique feature of the AUG group is its diversity in terms of geophysical methods and research directions. In contrast to most applied geophysics groups worldwide, which concentrate on methodological or applied topics using only a few geophysical methods, the AUG group covers a broad range of techniques and applications.

Key role in consortium: Participation in work packages 2 and 3 to develop and test geophysical monitoring technology.

Key participant: Prof. Dr. Hansruedi Maurer