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All public project proceedings delivered by MoDeRn will be available - in PDF format - on this page. A short description of the issued documents as well as the link to the report concerned is fold out by activating the +-sign at the left-hand side of the project report title.

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RTD workshop on monitoring technologies

A workshop on monitoring technologies (the Troyes Monitoring Technologies Workshop) was held as part of Work Package 2 at the Universit√© de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), France on 7-8 June 2010.  This document provides a record of the workshop. The Troyes Monitoring Technologies Workshop brought together 55 experts from a range of organisations, including industry, radioactive waste management organisations and research institutes. The presentations, posters and discussions at the workshop covered monitoring technologies relevant to radioactive waste repositories, focusing on recent developments in monitoring techniques potentially applicable to repository monitoring.

Workshop flyer

Record of workshop and its presentations

25 February 2010

22 November 2010


Expert stakeholders workshop

As part of MoDeRn Work Package 5 (Dissemination of Results), a workshop involving expert stakeholders (the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop) was held in Oxford, United Kingdom, on 4-5 May 2011. The workshop brought together thirty-one representatives from a range of stakeholder organisations, bodies, agencies and groups with expertise and experience in geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The objective of the workshop was to inform the expert stakeholders of the work being undertaken in the MoDeRn Project and to obtain feedback on the scope of the work. Discussion focused on two themes of the MoDeRn Project: monitoring processes and monitoring technologies. Valuable feedback was gained from the discussion, both on the MoDeRn Project scope and direction, and on setting the context for monitoring. This feedback will be used to help guide the future direction of the MoDeRn Project. 

This document provides a record of discussion at the MoDeRn Expert Stakeholders Workshop.

Workshop brief

Report on focused expert stakeholders workshop and its presentations

8 April 2011

23 September 2011


International conference on repository monitoring

The MoDeRn International Conference and Workshop was held at the EC conference centre in Luxembourg, on 19-21 March 2013. Around 135 participants attended the conference plenary sessions and the workshops.

The conference proceedings will be produced as an EC publication ASAP.


Conference flyer, conference poster and conference website

Conference presentations and abstracts

13 February 2012

29 March 2013