WP4: Case study of monitoring at all stages of the disposal process


This case study is intended to tackle all relevant monitoring aspects by going through a system design based on different monitoring concepts and adapted to the different host rock and engineered barrier designs. The design will address the whole lifetime of a repository which can be subdivided into the following stages:

  1. Surface exploration phase
  2. Access construction and underground exploration phase
  3. Repository construction phase
  4. Repository operation phase
  5. Repository closure phase
  6. Post closure phase with institutional control

The case study is intended to perform a mapping of all processes and parameters to be monitored within each of these stages with regard to the different host rocks, to give an idea of how this could be done in terms of a design of monitoring systems, to provide an evaluation on the reliability of sensing results and to develop scenarios for an unexpected repository evolution in order to discuss consequences of monitoring results. In general it provides a route map for the analysis of monitoring covering all phases of the disposal process and a basis to discuss how technical and social considerations of monitoring results might influence the decision-making process.